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The Island of Zanzibar, for us, has been a never ending love affair. It has been our holiday gateway, a place to recuperate and gather our thoughts. This sentiment has not eased over time. With Tamani villas our guests all that Zanzibar has to offer: the peace, the love, the food and the endearing hospitality which has been the trademark of Zanzibar.

The villas have access to long stretches of white sandy beaches on either side of them. A long walk on the pristine beach or cycling is just bliss. Snorkeling in the shallow waters at low tide, reveal a sneak peak of the colorful world of coral and marine life that is at Mnemba marine reserve. Staff and all the supporting staff are from the local village and are here to ensure that Zanzibar for you is all that it has ever been for us…with a touch of luxury in a place where time, thankfully, slows do